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Seminare : International Business

This course is designed as a series of workshops to familarize participants with the essential aspects of business within a European context. The seminar follows two inter-related paths of thought: (the transformation of the economic, social and business environments of France since 1970. ) The increasing economic and social integration of the countries of the EU (European Union). Paricipants will discover the growing relationship and inter-dependancy that now exists between France and Europe.

Number of hours per week: 3H30
Language levels applicable: all levels
Certificate studied for: Certificat du Collège International


This course is designed as a series of workshops to familiarise participants with essential aspects of business in a European context. It follows two inter-related lines:
- the transformation of the French economic, social and business environment since 1970
- the increasing integration of the European economies
Participants discover that it is no longer to consider the French economy and business separately from the European economic environment



- Post-war social and economic tranformation
- The role of the French State in the economy
- Politics and business
- The dilemma of the Welfare State: unemployment, health, retirement
- French business culture

- Origins and development of the EC
- Doing business in the Single Market
- Relations between the EC and GAIT, USA, Japon, 3rd World, E. Europe
- EC Institutions and relations with Governments
- R and D and staying ahead
- The European Monetary System
- Maastricht political and monetary union
- Common Agricultural Policy

French business in the European context

- Auto industry
- Computing
- Aerospace
- Banking and Insurance


The International Business program is designed as a workshop with principal input from the course instructor. Group tasks will be assigned and short oral reports made on the group‘s findings. Students will read texts in advance to help them prepare for each session. Evaluation is on the basis of a series of 2-page essays. Students are expected to participate actively in each session. There are no specific pre-requisites for the course, but participants will be expected to stay up to date with French and European business and economic news by regular reading of the business and general press.

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Sonderangebote Sprachkurse Fachsprachkurse Lehrgänge für Französischlehrer Spezialisierte Seminare Niveaus Einstufungstest


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